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While looking for ways to make money online, online affiliate programs, if used correctly, can be a source of serious income and not just extra pocket money. You can turn it into a full time business, providing you follow the right steps.
The online affiliate program basically allows you to promote other people’s products, whether real physical products, or online products like e-books or “how to…” guides.
This allows you the freedom to save on investment costs, not having to store any stocks of products, and still get a piece of the profits for someone else’s product, development and customer support.
Of course, this is a win-win situation for everybody as the seller is more than happy to increase his or her sales even at the price of giving away up to 70% of the selling price as commission. But, as I mentioned before, this will require hard work and dedication.
The technical aspect of the online affiliate program is the easy part. You register and then put a banner ad or button on your web site, or place ads in email messages using your own referral code given by the programs creator. This way he or she can tell where the customer is coming from.
You also receive promotional material from the seller to help you promote his or hers products. They will usually have a landing page which is a pitch page designed especially for every product.
Sometimes all you need to do is direct the traffic onto this landing page, and your work is done. These pages, if done correctly, tend to be very persuasive.
Most online affiliate programs will allow you to monitor your earnings with a specific interface. Although you can never really be sure, that the seller is telling the truth about how many of your referrals ended up in sales, you can be sure that the seller knows that if you will not earn enough money on his or hers program, you will stop promoting it, and go on to another program more successful.