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Onintel developed the Search Engine Optimization Audit to help those of you who have already made a significant investment in their Interactive Marketing and are unsatisfied with the results they have achieved to date.

What is the Search Engine Optimization Audit?
The Search Engine Optimization Audit is an one time review of your website with respect to its performance on the major search engines and the subsequent effect on the business.
This audit is incredibly valuable because it allows you to gain an accurate picture of the work that has been done on your website at a reasonable cost. Interactive Marketing remains an area of confusion for a lot of people and this audit gives them an important opportunity to properly assess the effectiveness of the work that has been done to date on their website.

Why is the Search Engine Audit important?
The Search Engine Optimization Audit is incredibly important because it demystifies the realm of Interactive Marketing and gives you a realistic picture of the effectiveness of the money you have spent on your Interactive marketing by a neutral 3rd party.

What are the advantages of the Search Engine Audit?
-Understanding of the effectiveness of your Interactive Marketing
-The Search Engine Optimization Audit allows a business owner the opportunity to cut through the jargon of the industry and truly understand what they are getting for their money.
-You will receive a road map to performance that when implemented will give them the results they are seeking.
-The Search Engine Optimization Audit is an extremely cost effective auditing tool to take stock of a situation a business owner often has very little control or understanding of.

Under which circumstances would the Search Engine Optimization Audit be the best option for you?
If you have already invested in Interactive Marketing services and is unhappy with the results.
If your website is not delivering the desired results in terms of traffic and online visibility.
If your website is achieving high rankings for their keywords, but this is not translating into business for them.