Onintel is a global provider of software solutions for the telecommunications industry. We provide software for revenue assurance, fraud management, mediation, network analysis, and custom solutions. We provide our clients with the most effective, flexible, and economic software solutions in the telecom industry.

We have the skill to create custom applications to meet your unique needs. Our vast experience with a wide array of switch manufacturers and service providers enables us to develop custom software tools quickly and cost effectively.

  • Monitor network traffic in real time

  • Interrogate each CDR to identify potential fraud

  • Respond to fraud quickly and effectively

  • Enforce customer credit limits

  • Address new types of fraud

  • Expand your service offerings

  • Automate the collection of call records

  • Standardize data processing in a multi-vendor environment

  • Adapt easily to changing formats and vendors

  • Access detailed traffic analysis reports

  • Perform busy hour calculations

  • Enrich call data with LERG information

  • View margin and completion statistics in

  • View, search, and report on raw CDRs

  • Filter and convert records

  • Provide customers real-time access to CDRs

  • Manage switch databases

  • Leverage our knowledge, skill, and experience in telecom data processing

  • Design custom applications to meet your specific needs